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Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer you will be able to take care of these magnificent animals.  There are many chores and routine tasks that need to be done; like hosting the project's guests on animal encounter tours.

Project Details

Location:  Strand​, South Africa

±50km from Cape Town

Minimum stay:    6 weeks
Maximum stay:    no limit

Working hours:    9 am - 5 pm

5 days a week - routine basis

This project aims to help in the conservation of the Cheetah in South Africa.  You will help with the day to day care of the animals, as well as educate and encourage a greater understanding of these magnificent animals, to people visiting the facility.

Your duties will include: preparation of food for the cheetahs and other animals, taking care of the Anatolian dogs, cleaning up the feeding area and the holding enclosures,  and hosting the projects guests (which includes introducing them to the cheetahs and doing tours of the facility).

Since you will be working with the public, as well as animals, you need to be an outgoing and enthusiastic person with a genuine compassion for animal welfare.

A high level of English is also required.

Cheetah Outreach


PROGRAM FEE includes:

- Return transport from Cape Town Airport
- Accommodation
- Transport to and from the project
- Continental breakfast

- 24/7 support by the Travel2Volunteer Staff


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