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HIV / AIDS Children's Home 


Founded in 1936, the HIV/Aids Hospice and Safe house was originally created as a care centre for unwed mothers and their infants. Over the years it has evolved into an organization offering shelter for abused, abandoned, HIV positive, orphaned and terminally ill children from birth to 6 years of age.

They also render community based services to vulnerable children from birth to 12 years of age.  Their objective is to create self-sufficiency and competency for children and families living with HIV and AIDS, in order to reduce the incidence of Aids-related child abandonment and neglect.

This is done through:
• Respite care for children who are acutely ill

• Palliative care for terminally ill children

• Residential care for chronically ill abandoned babies and children

• Emergency place of safety for children (most are under 2 years old), who have been   abandoned, orphaned or abused   
• Implementation of Antiretroviral therapy (ARV) for HIV positive children

• Recruiting and screening families willing to care for special need children, HIV positive children and children on ARV

Project Details

Location:  Strand​, South Africa

±50km from Cape Town

Accommodation:  click to see

Minimum stay:    6 weeks
Maximum stay:    no limit

Working hours:    7 am - 6 pm work shifts on a rotation base

Volunteer Opportunities

As a volunteer you will assist the full time staff by looking after and taking care of the babies/children, accompany them to the doctor or hospital, and also join them on the occasional outing.

PROGRAM FEE includes:

- Return transport from Cape Town Airport
- Accommodation
- Transport to and from the project
- Continental breakfast

- 24/7 support by the Travel2Volunteer Staff


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